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Indonesia Loose South Sea Pearl

Indonesia Loose South Sea Pearl

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with rich fisheries and maritime products. One of such products is the South Sea pearl, arguably one of the best types of pearl. Not only endowed with rich natural resources, Indonesia also has an abundance of artisans with high craftsmanship skills.

Silver Pearl Ring

Low Cost Jewelry

Many People are Thinking That Pearl Jewelry is Expensive, Yes it is…

But Now we would like to give a Solution, how we can make Pearl Jewelry is Cheap too, and many People can wearing it..

We Call it LOCOSTEY : Low Cost Jewelry

We Make Jewelry That Cost Cheaper Then Ever, How We Make it? We use broken pearl, Half Pearl, and Low Grade Pearl.

How we do That ?

Broken Pearl

Not all the part of the Broken Pearl is Bad, This Broken Pearl still has another Part that Clean and Have a display Part That we can make a Jewelry, With Sometimes Has No Even one Spot.

We Will Make This Product Massive So You Have an Opportunity to Make a Business

If You Have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wish

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