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Silver Ring With Pearl

Our Jewelry Special Design

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From Pearls to Silver

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Old Design Vintage Jewelry Product

Unique Disign BoZorX South Sea Pearl Ring
Unique Disign BoZorX South Sea Pearl Ring

Mostly Lady Jewelry Pearl Product

Special Disign BoZorX South Sea Pearl Ring
Special Disign BoZorX South Sea Pearl Ring

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with rich fisheries and maritime products.

One of such products is the South Sea pearl, arguably one of the best types of pearl.

Not only endowed with rich natural resources, Indonesia also has an abundance of artisans with high craftsmanship skills.

Spot Pearl

What Type Of Pearl We Use For Low Cost Jewelry Product

Locostey = Low Cost Jewelry

LOCOSTEY Low Cost Jewelry

To cover the cost of jewelry, this Pearl condition is the solution, many pearls that harvest not carefully will make the pearl broken and Blemish.

There are few condition of pearl that we use to make the Lacostey

  1. Too Many Spot
  2. Crack
  3. Blemish
  4. Hummer / Orange Skin
  5. Hole

For some buyer or someone that new in pearl, the word or Hummer Pearl and Orange skin Pearl will make them have many perception. We will give on the other page explanation about those terminology.